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[Forum] New musictracks on Psyrias homepageLink
Posted on 23-Dec-2006 21:19 GMT by Psyria (Music Productions)0 comments
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And also in this year (after old tradition) there are exclusive downloads to Christmas again!

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[Forum] New Amiga Shop?Link
Posted on 16-Dec-2006 11:55 GMT by Bernie0 comments
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By mistake I typed instead of, and so I noticed that at (where it redirects) there is a different shop, where you can buy products like Amiga Forever directly from Amiga, Inc.

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[Forum] CygnusEd updateLink
Posted on 04-Dec-2006 11:24 GMT by Andreas Magerl0 comments
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Olaf Barthel write:

I'm currently working on an update which I hope will be ready before Christmas this year. This update fix several bugs, adds a bunch of new features and I also hope to address all the enhancement requests and bug reports posted in this forum.

If there's still something bothering you about what CygnusEd does, please let me know now. Maybe I can still fit it into the update

[Forum] PS3 open platform hosting AmigaOS ;-)Link
Posted on 21-Nov-2006 10:08 GMT by Sotiris Papageorgiou3 comments (3k)
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Well it has begun,linux is starting to play in PS 3 hardware with this official Open platform from sony with Other Os Installer from sony and because dreaming is costing nothing but free time imagine the day that Amiga OS 4 or 5 will be booting on PS 3 and having the PS3 as the only commercially and licensed available hardware for Amiga OS.Now i hope that sony is in process of applying for a licensed hardware from Amiga to sell PS 3 with vouncers for release the amiga os in the future and give hyperion some millions to port it to PS 3.LOL Link for sony open platform Now who is going to start a bounty???
[Forum] Open SourceLink
Posted on 16-Nov-2006 10:07 GMT by Someone Somewhere1 comments (1k)
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With recent announcements that Sun Java is going (largely) open source, what are our chances of seeing Java on Amiga this millennium?
[Forum] Amiga Klub Forever celebrates 200 amiga users!Link
Posted on 14-Nov-2006 10:34 GMT by Luky - Lukas Stelik0 comments
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Amiga club AKF - Amiga Klub Forever, formerly known as Amiga Klub Frydlant, celebrates 200 members - czech (and slovak) amiga users! We have our czech mini forum and second-hand shop, articles, email conference. Amiga community is still alive :-) Thanks!

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[Forum] APC&TCP / Amiga Future: Movement To New Server FinishedLink
Posted on 29-Sep-2006 15:27 GMT by Andreas Magerl0 comments
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Due to a movement to a new server our homepages were only partly accessible the last days. Unfortunately the onlineshop also was also nearly a week offline. But now the switch to new servers has been completed and the Amiga Future page and all APC&TCP pages are accessible again. Also the onlineshop is ready again. Because of this there have been also failures in the processing of mails. If someone has put an order and hasn't received a confirmation mail please get in contact with us. At this point we want to remind you that the switch of the BBoAH pages hasn't finished yet. Many users link directly to the German/English starting pages. Soon they won't exist anymore. The only valid domain is
[Forum] Ainc back in townLink
Posted on 23-Sep-2006 21:19 GMT by jimC0 comments
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Check this
[Forum] Are Wii amigans? - Strong rumours of Amiga games coming soon to WiiLink
Posted on 16-Sep-2006 00:25 GMT by wiiareamigans11 comments (5k)
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Wii, the highly anticipated Nintendo's upcoming console just got now a whole lot more interesting for retro gamers. Virtual Console is the name of a new video game download service offered by Nintendo, accessible to users of the company's upcoming console, the Wii.

Games for these platforms will be sold for the Wii at a small fee per game to be paid via Credit Card or a 'Wii point card'.

There are already over 24 Japanese companies as officially confirmed supporters, and there will be games for platforms like: Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16, Famicom/NES, SuperFamicom/SNES, N64 and MSX. There will be selled brand new games as well as remakes of some games too.

There are quite strong rumours that will be very good for many people if becomes a reality, specially for amiga and ex amiga users. It is very speculated that Amiga 500 games will join the Virtual Console fold very soon.

Many of us hope strongly that this rumour becomes finally a reality. This could be very good for both Amiga and the New Gen Nintendo's console, Wii.

Here are official information about Virtual Console (still only in Japanese at this moment)

[Forum] Amiga Future 62 (September/October 2006) OutLink
Posted on 05-Sep-2006 14:51 GMT by Andreas Magerl0 comments
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Today we have released issue 62 (September/October 2006). This means that all preorders and subscriptions have been brought to the postal office. ...

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