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[News] Cubic IDE "Xmas Special"Link
Posted on 12-Dec-2006 23:44 GMT by dietmar0 comments
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50% off - Save 60$ (12th to 15th of December)!
The Cubic IDE development system is, for a short time, available at a massive Xmas Discount. During this period, a gift wrapping service is available if a license is bought for another person. What about giving the developer of your favorite Amiga program a nice development system for Xmas?

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[Events] Amiga Future Album UpdateLink
Posted on 10-Dec-2006 15:10 GMT by Andreas Magerl1 comments (1k)
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Today we Update the Albums from the german Amiga Shows 1993, 1994, 2000, 2001 and 2002.

Have fun...

[Files] Hively Tracker by Iris and Up Rough released for AmigaOS 4.0!Link
Posted on 08-Dec-2006 14:37 GMT by spotUP0 comments
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Hively Tracker is a tracker program based upon the AHX format created in the mid '90s by Dexter and Pink of Abyss. The format was relatively popular, and many songs were created and used in scene productions and games. AHX was designed to create a very SID-like sound on the Amiga. Hively Tracker is released for AmigaOS 4.0 only.

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[Events] AmigaOne party in Holland December 16thLink
Posted on 08-Dec-2006 11:28 GMT by Paul Koster0 comments
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The Commodore GG is going to put the AmigaOne & AOS4.0 into the spotlights on December the 16th.
At their Commodore show in Maarssen Holland AmigaOne enthusiasts are demonstrating their hard and software.

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[News] Happy Holidays from Kaliko!Link
Posted on 08-Dec-2006 10:25 GMT by Fredrik Schultz0 comments
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As the Christmas is approaching we're offering you our game Brainteaser for a special holiday discounted price of $9.95. As a bonus purchasers will also get a free copy of Last in Line.

Brainteaser Christmas Sale at
[Web] Interview with Aaron DigullaLink
Posted on 08-Dec-2006 04:16 GMT by Paul J. Beel0 comments
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Aaron Digulla, who established AROS, has been interviewed by The AROS Show.
[Files] Webworld gets PHP SupportLink
Posted on 06-Dec-2006 15:38 GMT by dietmar0 comments
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The Webworld package for creating HTML pages has been updatated with PHP support. The syntax of PHP is now color-coded and the thick PHP Reference Manual is included and can be accessed quickly through an index.

Web site and download [10.7 MB]

[Web] SDB Database Engine for AROS: Progress ReportLink
Posted on 02-Dec-2006 16:30 GMT by Paul J. Beel0 comments
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The AROS Show has posted a progress report on Falcucci Fabio's SDB Database Engine for AROS.
[News] 3 Amiga Future Issue onlineLink
Posted on 01-Dec-2006 11:01 GMT by Andreas Magerl0 comments
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Today we upload the old Issue 32, 33 and 34 from Amiga Future on our Homepage.

You can read the german mag under the URL

Dort forget our Special offer in our onlineshop :) 16 Amiga Future CDs for only 2,50 Euro.

And any old issues from the Amiga Future can you order for only 1 Euro.

[News] MorphOS support on EfikaLink
Posted on 30-Nov-2006 23:53 GMT by Andrea Maniero4 comments (2k)
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The MorphOS Team and Genesi are pleased to announce that the next public release of MorphOS will support the Efika. MorphOS is a lightweight and flexible operating system and Efika is a low-power and silent miniature mainboard based on the Freescale MPC5200B Power Architecture SoC.

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[News] Nova Design close to releasing Aladdin 4D into Open Source! Link
Posted on 30-Nov-2006 14:16 GMT by Nate Downes (Edited on 30-Nov-2006 19:00 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselš)2 comments (2k)
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We're talking source code, trademarks and everything! Nova Design, Inc. has put the entire rights and source code to one of their top software titles, Aladdin 4D, on an exclusive offer to the Open Aladdin 4D group ( who are raising the money for it. At this time we have raised enough money that only $3400 more is needed before Aladdin 4D is ours and Open Sourced!

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